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Relax knowing your roof rack can handle your gear.

  • See and experience RhinoRacks for yourself. Demo model on-site with the installer ready to answer your questions.

  • Make the decision fun and easy. So m-a-n-y options! We will help you navigate the choices to get just the right rack for your needs.

  • Have it installed for you. Avoid those sometimes ‘special’ challenges mounting your own roof rack. We use our expertise and experience to complete the installation for you.

Why did we choose Rhino Rack out of all the rack choices available?

Because they’ve been in the business for over 25 years, selling thousands of racks in over 50 countries. They have stood the test of time and we want to provide high quality, reliable racks for our customers.


Why Rhino-Rack?

  • Tough and reliable. Contractors love ‘em, even after putting them through work day after work day after work day.

  • Toy hauling made easy. Bikes, boats, skis, boards, canoes… They can carry an outdoor enthusiasts tools with ease.

  • Progressive. Have you seen their awnings?! Let alone the slick fishing pole holders. (So smart and cool in our opinion!)

  • Environmentally conscious. Avid outdoor lovers themselves, RhinoRack recognized a need to protect what they love. They are committed to minimizing their environmental impact across every aspect of their business.

  • Proven customer service. A company that stands by their product creation.

Review additional specs, accessories and details by visiting RhinoRack’s full catalogue HERE.


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**RhinoRack roof racks provide a safe, strong and long term platform for your roof top investment. RhinoRack stands behind their product with a warranty and we stand behind our quality of installation.