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Meet the crew of Gunnison Tire & Auto


Brian Oliver

Owner & Lead Mechanic. After starting-from-scratch, building to an auto-repair shop of 5 full-time mechanics, and then operating that Florida repair shop for 10 years, Brian decided it was time to head west.  He now lives in his idea of a mountain paradise as owner and lead mechanic of Gunnison Tire & Auto. Bringing with him his extensive repair experience and training, he's the sort of mechanic who can replace a transfer case with limited tools on a remote trail in Moab (ask for that story!)  But, seriously, auto repair is his game and Gunnison is excited to have such an enthusiastic and talented mechanic.


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Erica Oliver

Front End Management. While slightly newer to Gunnison Tire's Front Office, Erica is no stranger to reducing chaos into a smooth flowing operation. Under her watch any fueling questions, account needs, logistics planning or, really whatever gets thrown her way, Gunnison Tire & Auto challenges are swiftly resolved. You'll find her manning the office or phone; ready to help you with your vehicles fueling, repair and maintenance needs. 

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Certified ASE Master Automobile Technician with over 20 years of professional mechanic experience. But, that's not all of his experience. His Grandfather introduced Nick to fixing cars as soon as he was old enough to hold a wrench and he's never lost his interest in fixing vehicles. When Nick isn't solving mechanical problems he's out enjoying Gunnison valley by hiking, fishing, hunting or snapping photos.

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 All-around Tire Ninja (aka. Tire Lead) and our go-to for new tire installation, rotations and oil changes. Efficient and effective, he's who you want working on your rig. When not in the shop, you'll find Dally out ranching and maintaining equipment, even in Gunnison's sometimes less than ideal outdoor conditions. He's the guy to get a job done, even if the snow is blowing sideways and the temps are less than pleasant.



Our front of office guru will ensure that your repair needs are scheduled, tires properly selected, and pretty much solve any problem you throw at her.  She's our secret weapon.

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Cuddle Monster and Greeter. Need we say more?



Greeter, semi-retired. Always on the move. Patrol is her gig.

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