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iKamper authorized-dealer with demo on-site and Roof Top campers in-stock.
Free installation and zero shipping costs* with purchase from us.
Call us with questions (970)641-0801


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Install of roof top campers

Camping just became easier. Park in your choice of outdoor paradise and 1 minute later you have a king size bed with a view to lounge on.

  • See and experience iKamper for yourself. In-stock with an installed demo model on-site.

  • Save cash. Pay zero for shipping.* When you purchase directly from us with pickup or install at Gunnison Tire & Auto.

  • Installation is included. Avoid wrestling a 155lbs of awkward over your head. We complete the installation for you.

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Suspension installation

Fit to your needs and budget. Consult with our in-house experts to determine the right suspension for your Toyota.

  • See installed kits for yourself. Model with an installed demo kit on-site.

  • Speak with an expert (and user!) in-person. When you visit Gunnison Tire & Auto, an owner and driver of a Toytec installed kit will answer your questions.

  • Get your kit installed by experts. We have the right tools and experience to complete the installation for you.

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Roof Rack installations

Relax knowing your roof rack can handle your gear.

  • See and experience RhinoRacks for yourself. Demo model on-site with the installer ready to answer your questions.

  • Make the decision fun and easy. So m-a-n-y options! We will help you navigate the choices to get just the right rack for your needs.

  • Have it installed for you. Avoid those sometimes ‘special’ challenges mounting your own roof rack. We use our expertise and experience to complete the installation for you.

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Clean, fresh and high quality fuel because that is what we want to run through our vehicles.

  • Ethanol Free 91. Premium fuel for your toys, trucks and high performance vehicles.

  • Dyed-Diesl

  • Clear-Diesl

  • 87 Regular

  • Commercial accounts available.

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Tire Install, repair & rotations

Tires, tires and more tires.

  • All major brands available

  • Tire Rack recommended installer

  • Competitive priceing

  • Rotations are complimentary with tire purchase for the life span of the tire.

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Automotive repair

Keep your vehicle running smoothly and dependable. Whether you are exploring the local high country, commuting in our sometimes adventurous roads or just passing through. Visit us for your regular auto maintenance and repair needs. All makes and models.

  • Suspension

  • Steering

  • Drivetrain

  • Engines

  • Transmissions

  • Electrical

  • Brakes

  • Air Conditioning

  • Exhaust

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